Events At Meetingbrook

Friday, February 15, 2013

Feb, March, April 2013 Events at Meetingbrook

Note: All Silent Sittings and Meditation Practice will take place in the Thomas Merton Bookshed Retreat (Winter Zendo, Nov through April)

A word about Meetingbrook Hermitage Events:
All are welcome; All events at meetingbrook are free, open, and informal; Each conversation, each night, each practice stands by itself. Each silent sitting is just that, nothing more. Each event and conversation begins with a space of silence.

1. Monday: No evening events

2. TuesdayEvening Meditation Practice, 5:30-6:30pm. Buddhist focus: 30 mins sitting; 15 mins circle reading; 15 mins circle reflection.

3. WednesdayNo evening events

4. Thursdays:
a) Morning Hospitality, 8:30 - 11AM (coffee, tea, toast, & eggs) (Call to confirm; this is busy work season.)
b) Evening Conversation, 5:30pm--6:45pm. Christian focus. Currently, ongoing reading and reflection on, A Course in Miracles.

5. Fridays:
a) Conversations at Maine State Prison, (Only Bill, Saskia, & Rokpa currently going in.) Warren ME. (7:30am--11:00am).
b) Poetry at Quarry Hill (Retirement/Assisted Living Facility, Camden ME) 1st & 3rd Fridays, (3-4pm)
c) Evening Conversation at Hermitage, 5:30pm--6:45pm. Theme,Creativity and Peace: Mystics, Poets, & Thinkers. Reading, or video, from various traditions, conversation, Soul-friend sharing. Currently focusing on such as Rupert Spira, TED Talks, Creation Eco-spirituality: David Abram, Thomas Berry, John O'Donohue, Care and Creation (Franciscan Spirituality).
6. Saturdays:
Morning Meditation Practice, 7:30am--8:45am, Buddhist Focus: sitting, chant, reading, circle reflection, metta,

7. Sundays:
a) Quaker Meeting, 9:00am-10am. Megunticook Worship Group, Oct-May, Merton Bookshed/Retreat.
b) Evening Meditation Practice, (Practicing Between Traditions), 6:00pm--8:00pm, silent sitting, mindful walking, Heart Sutra chanting; table reading, silent eating, open conversation.
Note: See website, Today at Meetingbrook, for any change/elaboration of schedule 

 Meetingbrook Hermitage is a place of collation and recollection between Ragged and Bald Mountains where we practice with simplicity between traditions cultivating our promises of contemplation, conversation, and correspondence, in the spirit of deep listening and loving speech.