Events At Meetingbrook

Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter 2012 Events at Meetingbrook

Meetingbrook Hermitage, 64 Barnestown Rd. Camden ME, 04843. (236-4346).Just past Snow Bowl, 3rd driveway, sign at road.

A word about Meetingbrook Hermitage Events:

All are welcome; All events at meetingbrook are free, open, and informal; Each conversation, each night, each practice stands by itself. Each silent sitting is just that, nothing more. Each event and conversation begins with a space of silence.

1. Mondays: No events

2. Tuesdays: Evening Meditation Practice, 5:30-6:30pm. Buddhist focus: 30 mins sitting; 15 mins circle reading; 15 mins circle reflection.

3. Wednesdays: No events

4. Thursdays:

a) Morning Hospitality, 8:30 - 11AM (coffee, tea, toast, & eggs)

b) Evening Conversation, 5:30pm--6:45pm. Christian focus. Currently, ongoing reading and reflection on, A Course in Miracles.

5. Fridays:

a) Conversations at Maine State Prison, (Only Bill, Saskia, & Rokpa currently going in.) Warren ME. (7:30am--11:00am).

b) Poetry at Quarry Hill (Retirement/Assisted Living Facility, Camden ME) 1st & 3rd Fridays, (3-4pm)

c) Evening Conversation at Hermitage, 5:30pm--6:45pm. Theme,Creativity and Peace: Mystics, Poets, & Thinkers. Reading, or video, from various traditions, conversation, Soul-friend sharing. Currently focusing on Creation Eco-spirituality: David Abram, Thomas Berry, John O'Donohue, Care and Creation (Franciscan Spirituality).

6. Saturdays:

a) Morning Meditation Practice, 7:30am--8:45am, Buddhist Focus: sitting, chant, reading, circle reflection, metta,

b) Unity community in the Camden area of Maine. Group is meeting at meetingbrook for study.; Monthly on the Second Saturdays at 12:30pm for lunch, then book study/service at 1 pm. Contact information to share with those interested in Unity of Camden: Rev.Airin,

7. Sundays:

a) Morning Practice, 7:30AM- 8:30AM, Christian: Office of Readings, Lectio, Morning Prayer, circle reflection, .

b) Quaker Meeting, 9:00am-10am. Megunticook Worship Group, Oct-May, Merton Bookshed/Retreat.

c) Evening Meditation Practice, (Practicing Between Traditions), 6:00pm--8:00pm, silent sitting, mindful walking, Heart Sutra chanting; table reading, silent eating, open conversation.


The Merton Retreat and the Chapel/Zendo are open for use at any time.

You can call (236-6808) and there will be a recording if an event needs to be cancelled. Or see website, Today at Meetingbrook, for any change/elaboration of schedule for that day.

Epilogue: Meetingbrook Hermitage is a place of collation and recollection between Ragged and Bald Mountains where we practice with simplicity between traditions cultivating our promises of contemplation, conversation, & correspondence, in the spirit of deep listening and loving speech.