Events At Meetingbrook

Thursday, September 9, 2010

September Pilot to Practice at Meetingbrook.

Pachamama Alliance's: Awakening The Dreamer; Changing the Dream @ Meetingbrook

Facilitators: Linda Silvia & Bob O'Conner

Three Tuesdays at Meetingbrook:

Tues., Sept. 14, 5pm - 8pm (3hrs)

Tues., Sept. 21, 5pm - 7pm (2hrs)

Tues., Sept 28, 5pm - 7pm (2hrs)

We welcome you to join us for this three part presentation of Awakening The Dreamer; Changing the Dream, created by the Pachamama* Alliance in collaboration with the indigenous Achuar people of Ecuador's Rain Forest.

* "Pachamama" is a word in the Quechau language of the Andes that can be translated as "Mother Earth", but which more accurately includes the sacred presence of the earth, the sky, the universe, and all time.

We bring to you the message of a New Dream which is emerging! It's community, collaboration; it's life-enhancing and earth-honoring; it's together and for our grand-children, rather than "Supersize Me Now"! By briefly visiting our past, reviewing our present, and exploring the possibilities of our future we will embrace untapped potential. We, and you, are part of the largest social movement of all time, millions of people and organizations working for environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfillment, three facets of a new dream for humanity and planet Earth.

Come to connect with people who care about sustainability, spirituality and social justice, the biggest challenges and opportunities of our time.

Our mission is: Bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on Planet Earth.

Come and embrace with us, these exciting times of transition!

Some comments about Awakening the Dreamer:

“The Symposium has done much to ferment Blessed Unrest, it is a powerful contributor to the worldwide movement for social change." ~Paul Hawken

“I can see that after so many centuries, the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor is now starting to come true.” ~Don Alberto Tatso, Andean Shaman

"The Symposium is designed to accelerate the Great Turning to a just and sustainable world. It awakens us and reconnects us with our place in the web of life . . . I'm very impressed with the approach and the quality of the program.” ~Joanna Macy