Events At Meetingbrook

Thursday, November 11, 2010

November/December 2010 Events at Meetingbrook Hermitage

Please note new times and new events.
All are welcome.
All events at meetingbrook are free, open, and informal.

No events

1. Tuesday Evening Conversation, 5:30pm--6:45pm. Buddhist focus. Theme: Maybe Zen, Maybe Not: Brief Sitting, Reading, Conversation.
Currently using book, hand wash cold, care instructions for an ordinary life, by Karen Maezen Miller

1. Open Hospitality, Breakfast, Conversation, 8:00am--10:30am.
2. Wednesday Evening Conversation, 5:30pm--6:45pm, Theme: Laura Soul-Friend Conversation informal topics and conversation.

1. Thursday Evening Conversation, 5:30pm--6:45pm. Christian focus. Theme: Stepping into the Mirror.
Currently using book, A Course in Miracles.

1. Meetingbrook Conversations at Maine State Prison, Warren ME. 7:30am--11:00am
2. Poetry, Tea, and Thee -- Poetry Conversation at Quarry Hill (Retirement/Assisted Living Facility, Camden ME) 1st and 3rd Fridays, 3:00pm--4:00pm
3. Friday Evening Conversation at Hermitage, 5:30pm--6:45pm. Theme: Creativity and Peace. For November, finishing Anam Cara, by John O’Donohue. Beginning December, Friday Evening Film/Video night 5:30pm--7:30pm

1. Saturday Morning Practice, 7:30am--8:45am, Buddhist Focus: sitting, chant, reading, circle reflection, metta, (tea, coffee?)

1. Sunday Morning Practice, 7:30am--8:45am, Christian Focus: sitting, chant, reading (lectio), circle reflection, intercessory prayer.
2. Open Hospitality, Brunch, Conversation 12:30pm--3:30pm.
3. Sunday Evening Practice, (Practicing Between Traditions), 6:00pm--8:00pm, sitting, walking, chanting; table reading, silent eating, open conversation.


Please note:

1. Winter Zendo: we have begun the use of 1st floor of Merton bookshed/retreat as our winter zendo. there are regular chairs, meditation chairs, zafus, and kneelers available for your use. It is open to anyone to visit at any time. Rokpa, our Border Collie, might bark you a greeting, but is sooo friendly and will either engage you in play, or, sit with you in silence. (He’s like that!)

2. You can call (236-6808) and there will be a recording if an event needs to be cancelled. Or see website, Today at Meetingbrook, for any change/elaboration of schedule for that day.